Services I Provide
Mike Brooks Custom Muzzleloaders      
cast off.         
This includes a full set of brass or iron mounts.         

Pistols start at  $900.00         
Kits I assemble, my own or Chambers,

"In the white",
$900.00. Plus the cost of the kit.
$1100.00. Plus the cost of the kit.
For Prices and info of my kits go

Carving around the barrel tang and lock panels:
$300.00 and up.          
Carving behind the cheek piece:
$250.00 and up.         
Butt stock and fore stock mouldings:
$150.00 and up.         
Wood box cover :
2 piece metallic box : $250.00
4 piece metallic box : $400.00 and up.
Set triggers :
Coin silver or brass thumb piece : $35.00and up.
Export engraved lock :
Engraved borders on a Fowler's butt plate, trigger guard and                
 side plate :
$150.00 and up.
Engraved foliage or hunting scene on butt plate, trigger guard              
and side plate :
$250.00 and up.         
Call or email for exact quotes.         

* A
$200.00 down payment is required for me to put you on my list. *